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SIDMA S.A. is a leading Greek company in the field of trading and industrial processing of steel products. It operates integrated Steel Service Centers in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

SIDMA has a long tradition, experience and know-how in steel trading and processing. Flexibility, reliability and the development of long-term ties with customers and suppliers have been SIDMA's guiding principles since the Group was founded in 1931.

The company's trading and processing activity focuses on three main product categories, distinguished by shape: flat products, long products, wire products and panels. SIDMA has a strategic relationship with the SIDENOR Group, Greece's largest producer of long steel products, both in terms of ownership and commercially, through the distribution of select SIDENOR products in the Greek market.

SIDMA, as a supplier of high quality goods and services and through its extensive and fully organized sales system, maintains its leading position in the market.

In 1931 the company is founded in Thessaloniki.

Between the period 1950-1990, the commercial activity of the company is expanded to all of Greece, having another Steel Service Center based in Athens, and leading the local market in steel.

In 1991 the first cut-to-length line is installed. The company launches its processing activity.

In 1996 SIDMA acquires HELSIDER S.A., the oldest Greek Steel Service Center, based in Aspropyrgos.

In 1998 it merges with KAL S.A., a company trading and processing flat steel products.

In 1999 it joins forces with SIDENOR S.A.

In 2001 SIDMA obtains control of the newly formed company PANELCO S.A., which engages in the production of polyurethane steel sandwich panels.

In 2004 activity is expanded to Romania and Bulgaria.

In May 2005 the company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

In 2007 the construction of 3 new Steel Service Centers , in Inofita, Bucharest and Sofia, is completed.

In 2009 the company's headquarters move to its new facilities at Inofita.

In 2015 SIDMA acquires its subsidiary PANELCO.


We want to retain our leading position in the Greek steel market and to acquire one of the top positions in the Balkan market.

We want to be the preferred choice of our customers because we understand their needs and respond to them immediately, living up to our commitments, offering innovative solutions with top quality products and services at competitive prices.

We want to ensure all the above by working together as a team with top level executives and partners, in a safe working environment that offers opportunities for moving up the corporate ladder and developing knowledge and skills.

Within the broader society, we want to be an exemplary company that combines tradition and integrity with ongoing development and progress. We want to be distinguished for being sensitive to humans and making an effort to improve our social environment.

SIDMA Romania SRL (Romania): SIDMA share 100%

SIDMA Bulgaria S.A. (Bulgaria): SIDMA share 100%

SIDMA is a company that substantially invests in human resources, one of the firm’s most valuable assets. The main principle of the modern and anthropocentric philosophy is to attract, to maintain and to develop professionals with enthusiasm, a strong sense of responsibility, creativity and a common vision for the future.

Our staff is composed by talented people which join us with energy, creativity and inspiration. They will be characterized by effort and respect in their entrepreneurial principles and values and they will actively participate in the daily effort for success in a very demanding and highly developed market.

We support our people’s long-term education and development through modern and flexible training sessions.

These sessions - either in the short-term or long-term - cover a wide range of technical and administrative issues connected with the company’s activities and targetthe improvement of the employees’ knowledge and skills.

At the same time, we evaluate and recognize our human resources’ effort and performance, we offer the incentive of recognition for his/her performance, we want a safe and pleasant environment and we care for maintaining the balance between business and personal life.

In SIDMA we build and develop relationships of trust with our workforce, we have a vision of the future and we want to share it with our people.

Carrer Opportunities

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SIDMA SA has set as major goals the maximization of customer satisfaction, customer trust towards the Company, as well as the creation of shareholders' value through:

Constant efforts to ensure high quality of products and provision of satisfactory services to customers,
Application of modern methods concerning production, control, management, timely distribution of products, and achievement of minimum cost not only for the Company but also for the customers,
Modernization and improvement of machinery equipment, as well as strengthening the Company’s human resources with a specialized workforce,
Creation of an organizational framework, which stimulates quality improvements at every level,
Constantly improving and intensifying communication/ co-operation skills among the Company’s divisions, including its customers and suppliers,
Provision of information and education to the Company’s personnel in all ranks, concerning their particular objectives, as well as quality assurance issues, health and insurance policies.

The application of the quality assurance system aims at the satisfaction of employees, customers and shareholders. The quality assurance system contributes to SIDMA’s growth course, based on the company’s primary and supporting operations, as well as on structural procedures for constant improvements.

SIDMA S.A. has developed and gradually implemented an Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Management System to all corporate and production activities in Greece,according to the requirements of the Standard OHSAS 18001:2007.

Since February 2009,the implemented OH&S Management System has been assessed and certified by "Bureau Veritas Certification Hellas S.A." to its compliance with the requirements of the Standard OHSAS 18001:2007.

SIDMA's top management defines and authorizes the company's OH&S Policy which actually is based on the awareness,cooperation and participation of all employees.

SIDMA's Policy is based also on an open and continuous dialogue for OH&S issues with its suppliers,contractors,authorities and others in general.

The company's Policy demonstrates its special care for a safe and healthy working environment not only for its employees but also for all those working in its workplace.

The company is committed to:

  • comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the company subscribes that relate to its OH&S hazards not only for its employees but also for those working in its workplaces,
  • study and implement all necessary control measures of OH&S risks for prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance,
  • provide all necessary resources - human resources,technology and financial resources - as well as the appropriate education,training or experience of all its employees for their efficient participation in the general effort for protection and prevention, for a safe and healthy working environment and for the success of the target " zero accidents and ill health".

The company's Policy:

  • is communicated to all persons working under the control of the company with the intent that they are made aware of their individual OH&S obligations,
  • is available to interested parties

SIDMA focuses on iron trade, through the operation of its integrated Steel Service Centers.Τhe trade of steel products coming either directly from extrusion operations done in the steel plant or following processing in the company’s facilities is included.

Processing activity

It includes processing steel coils of various quality levels, to be processed into a variety of forms on the basis of its clients’ special needs. The shot-blasting plant is able to remove external oxidation from various materials and protect them by applying a special paint. Cutting of thick sheet iron into special dimensions and cutting long products into specific dimensions is done in a gas-cutting procedure (copy router) and a saw respectively.

Provision of services

It includes sales procurement on behalf of third parties, as well as income derived from processing products for third parties.

Other activities

They include mainly the sale of scrap, which is produced from processing the company’s raw materials.

Levelling and Cut to length lines

The cut to length lines level the coil material and then cut it into pieces, with dimensions according to the customer’s request. The basic components of a typical cut to length production line are the decoiler, the leveller the shear and the packer. The leveller consists of a set o working and back up rolls which exerts controlled pressure over the surface of the material. At the end of the levelling process, a pair of blades (shear) cuts with high accuracy the levelled material into specific lengths. Each sheet produced piles up into a stacker and the bundle is ready for packing.

Slitter Line

The slitting lines slit coils into strips. The basic components of a typical slitter are the decoiler, the feeder rolls, circular cutting heads and the recoiler. As the coils unfold on the decoiler it passes through the rotating circular knives which then cut the material into sets of strips. The strips are then driven to the recoiler and during the cutting process the sides of the coil are trimmed off. The slitting line can process galvanized, hot rolled, cold rolled, inox and other types of material.

Trapezoidal Line

The trapezoidal line can process galvanized, and pre-painted inox material. As the materials are decoiled they pass through a set of forming rolls. The effect of these rolls is a trapezoidal profile to the surface of the material. The basic parts of the line are the decoiler, a group of rotating forming rolls which deform gradually the processed material,  he shear which cuts the deformed material into pieces off specific lengths, and finally the stacker.

Stainless Steel Polishing Line
The polishing line processes only inox material. During the polishing stage the material processed passes through rotating polishing heads and if required there is another stage where the material passes through a rotating brushing head. Next, a plastic self adhesive membrane is attached onto the surface of the polished material for protection.

Metal Blasting & Painting Line

The Metal blasting & Painting line processes a wide range of hollow sections, rectangular - circular cross section beams and plates. The material is first cleaned of possible debris. A set of turbines shoot small metallic particles at high speed over the surface of the material and remove any kind of scale. Then the material is driven to the painting stage where a set of painting nozzles inject a protective water soluble paint over the surface of the material. This paint will protect the material later from external environmental conditions.

Οxygen Flame Cutting

The oxygen flame cutting machine is a CNC machine, which cuts plates into shapes according to the customer’s requirements. The cutting “information” is transferred to the machine electronically from a PC and is based on electronic drawings provided by the customer. The motion of the cutting nozzles is controlled by computer software resulting in high accuracy cuts.

Compliance with legislative requirements and Environmental protection are part of the SIDMA Business Strategy.

The company takes part in the collective packaging and product management system provided for in Law No. Ν.2939/01 (Hellenic Government Gazette 179/Α/01), which is set up by the "HELLENIC RECOVERY RECYCLING CORPORATION S.A."

Following certification of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the company is obliged to develop and implement the Environmental Management System, according to ISO 9001:2008 in all its production and administrative activities.


SIDMA S.A. is a leading Greek company in the field of trading and industrial processing of steel products. It operates integrated Steel Service Centers in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

SIDMA has a long tradition, experience and know-how in steel trading and processing. Flexibility, reliability and the development of long-term ties with customers and suppliers have been SIDMA's guiding principles since the Group was founded in 1931.


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