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The distribution center in Aspropyrgos is built on a privately-owned plot of land of a surface area of approximately 9 acres, and includes sheltered production facilities and offices of a total surface area of approximately 3.5 acres, where the Commercial Dept. is located.

The factory is certified by the Eurocert according to ISO 9001:2008 for the processing and trade of iron products.

  • Commercial Dept.
  • Technical Dept.
  • Accounting Dept.
  • Quality Assurance Dept.

The processing and distribution center is built on a privately-owned plot of land of a surface area of approximately 13 acres, and includes sheltered production facilities and offices of a total surface area of approximately 5 acres.

The Center processes hot rolled products, pickled and oiled products, cold rolled products, galvanized products, pre-painted products, plasticized products, stainless steel products, etc.

The production lines of the factory include:

  • Levelling machines for the lengthwise cutting of rolls into plates
  • Slitters for the width-wise cutting of rolls into strips
  • Saws for cutting long products

The factory is certified by the Eurocert according to ISO 9001:2000 for the processing and trade of iron products.

An industrial company that manufactures polyurethane steel sandwich panels. The company was founded in 2000, and started operations in 2003.

SIDMA 's (ex PANELCO) production plant in the Industrial zone of Lamia (about 200 Km north of Athens) occupies a covered area of about 11,000 sq.m. in a 40,000 sq.m lot. The company operates with ultra-modern, high-technology equipment including the largest continuous polyurethane line in Greece, for the production of thermo-insulating steel panels..

SIDMA's thermo-insulating polyurethane steel sandwich panels are designed to satisfy, in buildings with a metal frame, the needs of thermal insulation and water vapour condensation.

Combining modern equipment, which conforms to the latest safety standards, the use of environmentally-friendly raw materials with SIDMA's experience, reliability and prestige, the company aims to address market needs in:

  • Offering modern products of the highest standards
  • Presenting integrated architectural solutions 
  • Providing flexible customer service 
  • Delivering on time 
  • Producing environmentally-friendly products

SIDMA Romania SRLwas founded in March 2005 and started its activity in the area of Bucharest. Since August 2007 it operates in a 35,000 sq.m. facility which includes a new, 6,000 sq.m Steel Service Center.

The company’s target is to develop an extensive sales network in Romania and provide customers with high-quality goods and services.


SIDMA Bulgaria S.A. was established in August 2005. The company operates from its Sofia premises which cover an area of about 9,000 sq.m. on a 39,000 sq.m. plot. In May 2007 the company launched the operation of a new Steel Service Center aiming to provide tailor-made solutions to customers through its high-quality processing capabilities. SIDMA Bulgaria is also a major distributor in the Bulgarian market for select products of the SIDENOR Group, through collaboration with STOMANA Industry S.A.

The company’s target is to provide the Bulgarian market with a new standard of high-quality goods and services, through the development of an efficient sales network and excellent processing.



SIDMA S.A. is a leading Greek company in the field of trading and industrial processing of steel products. It operates integrated Steel Service Centers in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

SIDMA has a long tradition, experience and know-how in steel trading and processing. Flexibility, reliability and the development of long-term ties with customers and suppliers have been SIDMA's guiding principles since the Group was founded in 1931.


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