Plastified Coils & Sheets

MATERIAL Coils and Sheets with plastified surface coating in various colors and patterns.
STEEL QUALITY DX51D acc. to EN 10142/90 or EN 10327/2004 or EN 10346/2009, zinc coating quality Z100 gr/m2 or  cold rolled steel DC01 acc. to ΕΝ 10130.
SHAPE – DIMENSIONS Coils in width 1000, 1250 και 1500 mm.

Sheets 1000 x 2000, 1250 x 2500 mm

THICKNESS 0,30 mm through 1,50 mm
COATING Top or both sides covered with PVC coating. Various coating qualitites, depending on final use. Surface may be painted in any color. Large variety of surface patterns (flat or textured). Colored side may be further protected with peeling film.

Materials in other lengths and dimensions, or according to other internationally recognized standards can be supplied upon agreement.